The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the most important issue for any graduate’s career and extremely important that the universities, tutors and also students develop a commitment to CPD.  As part of the professional training programme British universities, staff, consultant should ensure that they deliver a high standard of courses and their academics to transfer their experience to students.

    The overall aims of the proposed training events are:

    1)     To develop participants skills.

    2)     To provide participants with opportunity to interact with their equivalent professional colleagues within British organisations.

    3)     To provide participants with social and cultural and English language (related to their subjects) classes.

    4)     To enable participants to recognise their own potential and capacity as future and entrepreneurial leaders

    5)     To enable participants to develop new skills to increase self-awareness, positivity and communication

    6)     To build participants confidence in the workplace as employees and leaders to be able to connect with others

    7)     To explore innovative approaches to entrepreneurial thinking to lead and make change

    8)     To develop participants higher order and thinking skills

    9)     To develop participant ability to be effective citizens and innovative leaders

    Areas of training

    1.     Teacher Education in all areas

    2.     Leadership in general

    3.     Leadership for women

    4.     Coaching and mentoring

    5.     Computer Science

    6.     Business Management

    7.     Performance Management

    8.     English as an Additional Language

    9.     Media and Journalism

    10.  Entrepreneurialism   

    11.  Meeting the challenge at the workplace

    12.  The skills of working with others

    Learning and teaching methods and strategies

    Participants would acquire relevant knowledge and understanding; intellectual, practical and transferable skills through a combination of lectures, seminars, small group discussion, workshops, tutorials, fieldwork, coursework and directed work experience based tasks.

    Participants will be encouraged to develop independent study skills progressively throughout the programme both to supplement and consolidate what was being taught and learnt and to broaden their individual knowledge and understanding of their subject.

    Throughout the training programmes, participants are encouraged to further develop intellectual skills by independent study.

    Independence in learning will be achieved by encouraging participants to contextualise new learning into their work place and setting, reflecting on and evaluating practice, sharing and learning from each other and studying independently.

    IBEX will quality assure the training which is to ensure a match with the UK programme provision.

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