Visual Notes Worksop - Egypt Summer 2010

     Visual Notes of Alexandria" was an informal summer workshop that brought a new learning experience to the architectural educational context in Egypt. The workshop succeeded to introduce a "process-oriented" teaching model with intensive focus on exposing students and fresh-graduates to various experiences and activities within a relaxed classroom environment along with field visits and walking tours.

The summer school managed to attract 35 Participants (students and fresh-graduates) were allowed to experience different tools and techniques; they experienced observation/sketching-exercises, photography-events, history lectures and discussions. However, the workshop sessions meant to be uncorrelated until the assignment was clarified, students were asked to use all knowledge and skills they gained through previous sessions and events to identify their constraints and produce a proposal of their choice that helps upgrading the historical square of Abul-Abbas, it was then followed by an exhibition and group discussions.

The workshop was highly beneficial and successfully exposed students and participants to a high level of interaction and reflection opportunities and helped them focus on acquiring new skills rather than just focusing on generating products.

"I’ve had the pleasure to attend the "Visual notes" workshop and I can honestly say that this workshop was "transformational" - both at a personal and a professional level, it was very interactive, engaging and enjoyable – The workshop helped me to look at the design process from a totally new perspective, to focus on the process of exploring "different alternatives" instead of rushing out to produce an "output", while still managing to meet deadlines. I feel I gained new valuable skills that I took forward to my professional practice – At the end; I believe that similar workshops must frequently take place as the awareness of the value of process-orientation in studio is clearly on the rise." Thanks for everyone who worked on scheduling this workshop."

Somaya Yousry - AASTMT Graduate 2010

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