IBEX believes that education and training are major parts of international development and the understanding of a broad range of phenomena is enhanced and deepened through examination of the cultures, languages, environmental situations, governments, political relations, religions, geography, and history of the world.

IBEX offers an inclusive approach to education and training that prepares students and trainers to be active, open minded and engaged students in an interconnected world.

IBEX provides consultancy services to schools and universities in all areas related to education such as quality assurance, organisational improvement, leadership, teacher training, coaching, performance management.

Our consultancy services consider the following issues:
1. Meticulous identification and understanding of the needs of the university, and areas which students need to develop and improve
2. Matching the needs of our clients to the provision of services
3. Familiarity with other world regions & cultures
4. Knowledge of international and global issues
5. Skills in working effectively in global or cross-cultural environments, and using information from different sources around the world
6. Dispositions towards respect and concern for other cultures and people

Study abroad
IBEX works in partnership and collaboration with leading UK providers to offer overseas students the opportunity to study in abroad. We cover various areas of discipline such as architecture, Business Studies, media, engineering etc.

IBEX quality assures the service provided to ensure it meets the needs of our students. IBEX also facilitate areas related to accommodation, transportation etc.

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